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Past Work

A Glorious Expedition

By feeding a Generative Adversarial Network a picturesque image of the Alps, a scene much beloved by the likes of Romanticists such as Keats and Shelley, I slowly shaped the very “genes” of my creations in the book, A Glorious Expedition.


A generative adversarial network is a machine learning model in which two neural networks compete with each other to become more accurate in their predictions. GANs typically run unsupervised and use a cooperative zero-sum game framework to learn. ... Essentially, GANs create their own training data.

This resulted in surreal landscape and figurative constructs, paired with snippets of text extracted from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The book appears self-conscious and self-questioning, with a handmade double accordion structure to mimic strands of DNA.

I Am Not Very Confident

I Am Not Very Confident is a book that pairs Images captured from numerous unprotected surveillance cameras around the world, with captions generated from an artificial intelligence program, Captionbot.


The idea is that you upload a photo to the service, and it tries to automatically generate a caption that describes what the algorithm “sees.” This resulted in an oddly poetic experience, as the AI grappled with already ambiguous images.


Upon Reflection: The World Ended in 2012

Upon Reflection: The World Ended in 2012, produced by Fifth Wheel Press, is a book grappling with the long- term illness of my father, through the sequence of virtual photography, Imagetext, newspaper headlines, and photogrammetry.

A Small But Important Update

A Small But Important Update pairs patch notes from the Sims 4 public updates, with scenes epitomizing the “Anthropocene”, a proposed geological epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on Earth's geology and ecosystems, which have been run through an artificial intelligence program designed to detect and attempt to remove human presence.

The AI used is a software project developed by MIT Media Lab called Deep Angel.


Gyaru liberation Project

Gyaru Liberation Project is A light-hearted zine seeking to “liberate” the group of gyaru subculture characters from the game Yandere Simulator. A game considered very problematic for its depictions of mental health, sexism, and torture and violence against underage girls.

It combines virtual photo, collage, imagetext, and text, and was created for Txtbook Press’ Txtreader, a mega-zine with 200 pages and 12 combined zines as signatures, perfect bound with an open spine.

Dumb As A Rock

Dumb As A Rock was born from a question posed by artist and former VSW resident Joe Ziolkowski, “Wanna make a book about rocks?”


Joe Z created the pinhole photographs, we both combed the internet for vintage medical, occult, and astronomical illustrations, brainstormed some scenarios, and then I came up with ridiculous accounts of crimes, in which each rock featured and/ or was the perpetrator and created the virtual crime scenes. After much typing and cover reiteration, we had ourselves a dumb little book.

Each virtual crime scene was constructed from debugging and then arranging 3d models from the life simulation game, The Sims 4.


An ongoing element throughout the book is an encrypted Twitter exchange between Former President Trump, and Billionaire Playboy Elon Musk.



REGEN is a trippy train of thought regarding the cyclical nature of death and regeneration experienced by the player, but also the characters, the simulated beings made from lines of code that make up these virtual existences within a game. 

Each small lenticular card features a last-said-line, a scrap of dying dialogue, pulled from a game world and recontextualized.



The images in the book itself are a combination of surveillance, virtual, and real-world photography. An image is fed into a Sound-to-Image processing software to generate a sound file, and then the sound file is fed back through.

A soundscape was constructed using the original generated sounds, and then was layered with the constant beating of Preseli Bluestones, which originally formed the inner circle of Stonehenge, said to possess a primordial restorative, regenerative vibration.

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